Responsive Merchandising: How Elite Retailers Are Winning Empowered Customers

Responsive Merchandising: How Elite Retailers Are Winning Empowered Customers

Discover how the world’s best retailers are using a responsive merchandising mindset to radically improve customer experiences and achieve dramatic increases in conversion rates, average order size, and overall revenue.

Responsive merchandising is the real-time understanding and attentiveness to a potential customer’s want and needs. It was critical in the days of the ancient abacus and balance scales, and its critical in today’s age of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What’s inside:

  • How to build bridges of human empathy between screened interfaces;
  • A statistical glimpse into the current state of retail, and insights on why retailers must take experiences as seriously as their products; and,
  • Why micro-moments are at the center of today’s battle for hearts and money.

It’s easy for today’s retailers to get swept up in new technologies and lose sight of the customer. Responsive merchandising allows them to remain rooted in the tried and true while being the torch that lights the way into the future of retail.

And don’t just take our word for it, one of the world’s most renowned marketing influencers backs us up.

Here's what she said about the book:

  "The world's best retailers aren't just customer-centric, they're totally obsessed with delivering the best possible customer experiences. After reading the eye-opening stories, stats and examples in Responsive Merchandising, you'll understand the critical difference."
Mari Smith, author of The New Relationship Marketing

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