2021 Retail CMO Report

After an unprecedented year for in-store retail, customers demand meaningful brand experiences online and have set high expectations for their return to in-store shopping. As retail continues to evolve, so does the CMO's role. They must increasingly work with a variety of customer- and data-focused teams to deliver on company objects for acquisition, retention, and lifelong customer value. 

Most companies intend to implement AI-powered analytics (60%) and customer engagement platforms (53%) to better connect with their customers.

This research report gauges the perspectives, roles, and strategies of modern CMOs and how that will shape the retail landscape.

You will learn how: 

  • Retailers are leveraging omnichannel technology to deliver meaningful customer experiences

  • Most retailers can react in real-time to customer intent and are formalizing the customer advocate role

  • CMOs are collaborating with various other leaders to deliver a better customer experience

2021 Retail CMO Report